Project Info

Footbridge design ideas competition

Our proposal approach focuses accurately on the request to explore architectural solutions characterized by innovation and a powerful identity for the new footbridge design.
The goal of this idea is to express concepts as dynamism and fluidity through a simple, high-tech and light form. Its neatness gives it the ability to fulfill the role of integrated architecture toward several natural and anthropic contexts where it can settle.
TubesBridge consists of three main monolithic tube-shaped components: they starts from the same point, where people access the structure, move away from each other following sinuous trajectories and finally they meet again at the upper level. The middle element consists of two vertical column containing large hydraulic elevators and the main singular span of the bridge. The other two elements hold the stairs; they are composed of seven comfortable flights for the climb and seven for the descent, and there are nine risers in each flight.

  • 2018 / Regno Unito
  • NETWORK RAIL & RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architect